Profitable resilience is the killer app in IoT.

ImpactLABS brings together early stage IoT companies, tech and industry leaders, small and mid-sized enterprises and subject matter experts to instrument the physical world with intelligence and intention for profit and resilience.

We are a proof point production plant. We live-pilot early stage IoT solutions with Fortune 500 technology and industry partners in the field with real-world innovators in small and mid-sized enterprises.

early stage IoT companies

small and mid-sized businesses

subject matter experts

What is IoT?

ImpactLABS Managing Director Chris Rezendes discusses how the instrumentation of the physical world can actually become an engine of trust. The data we acquire from devices can give us ‘ground truth’ on the physical world that matters, and help us make better decisions to design, build and operate more resilient systems, communities and businesses. Chris argues that security and sustainability in food, water, energy and transportation systems can be realized more quickly and profitably if IoT solutions are part of the new system designs.

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Yulkendy Valdez (She-Her)

Thank you @ImpactLABS for having me speak at your Summit this weekend taking place at Columbia University!

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