The ImpactLABS Mission

Our mission is to help small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) instrument their physical worlds with intelligence and intention for profit and resilience. We pursue this mission through a multi-stakeholder model that brings together those SMBs, physical world subject matter experts (SMEs), early stage Internet of Things (IoT) companies, and visionary Fortune 5000 technology and industrial businesses. 

Team ImpactLABS

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Located in New Bedford, MA

ImpactLABS is headquartered in New Bedford, MA: A coastal city with a population of approximately 90,000 and a metropolitan area approaching 150,000. 

The city is home to the most valuable commercial fishing seaport in North America, and many of its emerging, instrumentation-enabled sustainable fishing practices and ocean monitoring. New Bedford sits in the epicenter of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ emerging BlueTech cluster – stretching from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in Falmouth, MA west to the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Fall River, MA and North to Taunton, MA and its defense and electronics cluster. 

New Bedford is also playing a central role in the development of marine renewable energy markets with facilities such as the $115 million-dollar South Terminal funded by MA Clean Energy Center; UMass Dartmouth School of Marine Science and Technology; and SEALAB, perhaps the country’s finest marine and ocean science immersion program.

If that is not enough, New Bedford is often ranked as one of the top 20 artistic communities in the United States, based on the total population of artists and residence, music and art festivals, and the vibrancy of its STEAMM (science, technology, art, music and media) public programming.  

Outside the city, the region presents ImpactLABS with an enviable palette of small and mid-sized enterprises eager to innovate using the ImpactLABS approach: Intention and intelligence, for profit and sustainability, through a multi-stakeholder lens, where contributors reap returns, and no winner takes all.

ImpactLABS pilot hosts include a number of small and mid-sized cities and towns; multibillion-dollar agriculture and seafood industries; and rich diversity in small and mid-sized industrial, tech and logistics operations. In other words, our living laboratory is a strong representation of most of the world’s capital-constrained, creative, industrious, eager, and emerging or re-emerging markets.

If we can successfully prove how IoT can have impact on small and mid-sized operators in New Bedford and its surrounding area, we have a good chance of helping our sponsors and partners have impact almost anywhere.

A little more context:

ImpactLABS started as a d/b/a program inside INEX Advisors LLC. We are filing ‘B’ or Benefit Corporation registration with the Commonwealth of MA.

ABOUT INEX, ImpactLABS and related investing activities:


INEX Advisors

has an experienced team dedicated to client-specific missions related to IoT corporate, product, channel, market and industry development. 


brings together IoT startups, tech and industry leaders, and small and mid-sized enterprises to instrument the physical world for profit and sustainability.

IoT Capital Partners

invests in early stage IoT companies with varied business models and target markets, most in infrastructure, industrial and enterprise markets. We work with some of the most successful corporate innovators, individual investors and private institutions in the world.  

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