June 20, 2017

LABS Attends Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange with EU Leaders

Capgemini Applied Innovation Exchange

Last month, LABS Managing Director Chris Rezendes participated in and led a session for Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange. Attendees at the session included nation-state cabinet level ministers and regional executives from one of the largest economies in the EU, and a number of technology and service providers to the guest nation from the EU. The session covered the following IoT topics:

  • Resilient infrastructure and public-private partnerships
  • Training people to work with machines
  • Creating economic value¬†and social impact

By sharing cases studies from work with our sponsors, including Analog Devices, DellEMC, GE, IntelIoT, and PTC/ThingWORX, Rezendes demonstrated how IoT can enable resilience in a number of investment, economic development, and social impact contexts. The case studies ran the gamut from our latest experiences and how they are shaping our frameworks on resilient infrastructure technology, operations and social impact, to very specific learning on unique pilots and programs.

The workshop focused around two grand challenges:

  • How do we create resilient infrastructure? Specifically, how can resilient infrastructure work for smaller cities and communities that are essentially in rebuilding and recovery mode after the past 16 years?
  • Where do smart cities create tangible ROI? What are the common requirements for smart cities, and what are some of the most unique?

Moving forward from this event, LABS has identified next steps: to test ideas with local and provincial public and private sector leaders and define priorities, to qualify IoT related opportunities, and to explore requirements to launch pilots, programs, and projects.

Says Rezendes of the session, “We love the fit we see between LABS’ approach to delivering pragmatic resilient experiences with line managers and their executive partners in public and private contexts, and CAPGemini’s approach at their Applied Innovation Exchanges.

The Capgemini Applied Innovation Exchange is located in San Francisco’s innovation district: