September 29, 2017

Chris Rezendes Addresses Energy Policy Committee of The US Conference of Mayors

Chris Rezendes

ImpactLABS Managing Director Chris Rezendes addressed a gathering of 15 city mayors from around the United States. The gathering was hosted by New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell, whom chairs the Energy Policy Committee.

Rezendes spoke to the mayors about the growing importance of big data, explaining that the planet is moving toward digital data to monitor many things, including natural resources. Rezendes emphasized that this data is a valuable asset and should not be given away for free.

Rezendes also spoke about an ImpactLABS program in South Dartmouth that is currently one of the largest secure, private, real-time groundwater level data banks in the world. This program was a response to a severe drought in Massachusetts during the previous year that caused several businesses to shut down, and speaks to the importance of having intelligence about our groundwater.

Rezendes called upon the mayors to imagine the ways big data could make their cities more resilient, from reducing insurance rates to improving responses to climate-related weather events.

The two-day summit in New Bedford included several sessions and workshops centered around using new energy to power smart cities.

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