March 20, 2017

Chris Rezendes Delivers Keynote at Colorado Smart Cities Forum


Denver South Economic Development Corporation, and their partners ARROW Electronics and CenturyLink Corporation, hosted nearly 200 members of the Colorado Smart Cities / Resilient Communities alliance for a smart cities forum in mid-March.

The room included regional luminaries from the public and private research domains, as well as from innovation and financial communities.

LABS managing director Chris Rezendes delivered one of two keynotes at the forum.

LABS is cultivating exciting collaborations with a number of partners in Colorado — including LABS sponsors, many of whom have significant footprints in Colorado. In presenting at this event, LABS was able to introduce our work and our teams to our new partners in Colorado. The forum focused on how to achieve resilience in Denver and its surrounding communities. LABS plans to continue supporting the network to hone priorities, frame tools and methods, and secure core partners.

LABS is thrilled to play a supporting role in the road to resilience for a diverse number of communities from Singapore to Standing Rock, and including a number of cities in Colorado.