October 19, 2017

Chris Rezendes Delivers Keynote at Illinois Technology Association’s IoT Event

Chicago IoT Council event

Above photo: Chicago River, credit mindfrieze

In mid-October, ImpactLABS Managing Director Chris Rezendes gave the closing keynote speech at the Illinois Technology Association’s IoT Council event, which marked Chicago as the premier midwestern city seeking resilience through IoT.

A number of metropolitan regions across the Midwest are emerging with authentic talent and applying themselves to grand challenges within IoT. What is unique in this cluster is the depth of industrial and logistical operating experience – in both the public and private sector – that can make for meaningful experiences for those who love working in IoT. Chicago is currently the flagship city for this in the Midwest.

The Illinois Technology Association (ITA), in partnership with the Midwest IoT Council, exhibits enthusiasm for not only this kind of work, but also for collaboration. ImpactLABS was proud to participate in the ITA’s IoT Council event to listen and share stores and experiences with those working to deploy IoT in various environments.

Illinois Technology Association & IoT Council Event

The number of attendees at the event climbed past 500, with speakers bringing their own experiences to the table. Their powerful stories from the field belied the complexity of the solutions and technologies they employed. Discussions of IoT security and AI were enlivened by the AI panel, which exhibited strength in making what is currently one of the hottest and least understood topics easier to understand. Among other key themes this year were: organizational, community and human impacts/implications of instrumentation, as well as the emergence of new currencies around the digitization of the physical world.

Among the outcomes for ImpactLABS were introductions and re-introductions to a number of potential sponsors and partners. These wireless, automation, and process control industries all claim the Midwest as their global or corporate HQ. We will be looking to work with: City Digital, UI Labs, a number of middle-market enterprises and more than a dozen early-stage companies for piloting and commercial program development.

ImpactLABS is looking forward to exploring the many opportunities for IoT the Chicago area in the coming year.