October 12, 2017

ImpactLABS participates in French American Chamber of Commerce IoT Workshop

FACCNE IoT Meeting

Above, FACCNE meeting focuses on IoT. Photo credit: Witekio

On October 12, the French American Chamber of Commerce in New England (FACCNE) hosted an IoT workshop to bring tech communities in Boston and France closer together and help partners and customers find each other. ImpactLABS provided commentary and panel moderation, relying on our work in the field to help add color, detail, and realism to the conversations.

FACCNE is one of Boston’s most assertive and interesting trade missions. They are responsible for building a strong bridge between the Boston ecosystem and Paris, Lyon, Grenoble and other centers of tech in France.

Three powerful themes emerged from the talks and panels:


In keeping with ImpactLABS findings in the field, the speakers and panelists all discussed the importance of the multiple factors that enable resilience, including security, stability, agility, scalability, profitability, sustainability, and equitability.


Simplicity is often overlooked as a key consideration when discussing embedded vs. edge
vs. fog vs. cloud. Often the data that needs security, management, and curation, is simpler at the edge.


For field-experienced practitioners of ‘IoT’ nothing is linked more directly to success than the ability of teams to be creative in their exploration of not only outcomes but also methods.

Chris Rezendes at FACCNE

Chris Rezendes at FACCNE meeting. Photo credit: Witekio

Moving forward, FACCNE members will continue to collaborate in the US and EU, and ImpactLABS will continue to explore opportunities for FACCNE and its members to access our unique value propositions. This may include a FACCNE-sponsored task chain at ImpactLABS.

ImpactLABS Managing Director Chris Rezendes commented,

Thursday night was more proof that communities of developers, deployers and others are committed to their vision, not to the current sets of tools that don’t make sense.