October 12, 2017

ImpactLABS Field Day Shows Pilots in Water Security, Food Security, and Smart Cities

IoT at Quansett Nurseries

Above photo: Fred Dabney of Quansett Nurseries shows how he uses IoT to zone his greenhouse.

A diverse group of sponsors, partners, media, pilot hosts, and commercial program customers gathered in New Bedford for the 18th ImpactLABS Field Day on October 12th. The field day included updates on current programs, new pilots, and demonstrations.

Participants toured sites in New Bedford and South Dartmouth to see ImpactLABS field work first hand, including:

  1. Updates on water security and food security programs
  2. A peek inside the OMBUD databank & data exchange programs
  3. Introductions to our indigenous community partners from the CEDARSpring Program
  4. New pilots in resilient infrastructure and smart cities, highlighted by the Power-Docks’ Blue Isle, a floating solar data center
  5. Demonstrations from companies up next for some of our pilots, highlighted by Aquadat’s water resource management drone
ImpactLABS Port of New Bedford

Chris Rezendes explained that a camera on this lighthouse monitors key sights in the harbor.

IoT Requires Diverse Human and Technical Inputs

The collection of stakeholders present for the field day was a perfect representation of the need for subject matter experts from diverse fields, backgrounds, training regimes, skills, and capabilities to collaborate. The ImpactLABS’ diversity recruiting aims at experience, skill, and expertise. With that come many forms of unique and complementary inputs that enable us to compose resilient solutions.

Next Steps for ImpactLABS

ImpactLABS is joining sponsors and partners to:

  • Publish results of completed pilots
  • Enhance documentation of ongoing pilots and market-funded commercial programs
  • Launch a new series of industrial, infrastructure and smart cities pilots

The pilots demonstrated during the field day along with the work we will launch moving forward address several areas we’ve identified as grand challenges that central to our mission. These grand challenges include:

  1. Climate, environment, natural resources
  2. Water security
  3. Food security
  4. Coastal resilience
  5. Resilient infrastructure
  6. Smart cities
  7. Industry 4.0
BlueIsles Power Dock in New Bedford Harbor

This floating microgrid provides power, WiFi, video, and the potential to monitor water quality and nano-climate.