March 7, 2017

LABS Facilitates Innovation Workshop with Department of Homeland Security First Responders

First responder IoT

LABS recently supported the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), local first responder and federal agencies, regional startups, and regionally headquartered Fortune 5000 companies for a workshop at the Cambridge Innovation Center in Boston. Managing Director Chris Rezendes was in attendance to explore how LABS could deploy IoT to enhance public security and safety.

The purpose of the workshop was to address how IoT can cost-effectively enhance urban first responder effectiveness, and explore ways to maintain or enhance first responder safety and citizen security with flat or declining budgets.

Public safety and security is an important aspect of the LABS mission to leverage technology and data for smart cities and resilient communities.

LABS plans to bring the top priorities and opportunities determined in this workshop to state and local agencies, to collaborate with federal partners and to push private sector developers and business model visionaries front and center to define low-risk paths forward.

LABS managing director Chris Rezendes says the workshop was “… an amazing session that honored the work and the innovation of firefighters and first responders. Firefighters are innovators. The developer community needs to meet with them more often to listen and learn …”