How We Do It

Deploying IoT in the real world.

The ImpactLABS process emphasizes collaboration, focuses on technology stability, and seeks to quantify the operational, financial and social impact of IoT on infrastructure and industrial operations.

Our field pilots are heavily documented real-world projects with small and mid-sized businesses. We deploy devices, tools and applications from early stage IoT companies to address the challenges that our pilot hosts face. These solutions are integrated with and augmented by selected offerings from sponsors’ IoT lines. Through intentional and intelligent instrumentation, we create more profit and sustainability across our small and mid-sized business community, markets, and systems.

ImpactLABS Team and sponsors learning about new use cases for IoT at a regional horticulture operation. Winter lay-down-inventory monitoring could be a powerful tool to help growers reduce outright losses, and revenue/ margin compression due to winter stress. But with multiple species and storage methods, they need solutions that account for this diversity, and still present common data and decision support.

Agriculture Pilot

After pre-qualifying an early stage IoT solution through desk and phone based research, the second stage in-house qualification begins with the ‘unpack’. ImpactLABS teams go through the OOB (out of box) experience as a team. Every aspect of this activity is documented in our databases and shared with the early stage IoT company and with sponsors.

documenting out of the box

Discussion on identity, in security in digital.

LABS process

Installing a micro-climate weather station at a vineyard.

microclimate weather station vineyard web

The ImpactLABS Process

ImpactLABS field pilots are heavily documented customer experience events that provide:

  • Sponsors with an edge in market and partner development
  • Early stage IoT companies with access to live pilots, potential customers, partners and near-term revenue-generating market segments
  • Host pilots with near-zero cap-ex pilot projects
  • Subject matter experts with the opportunity to collaborate with the most innovative companies in their spaces
  • Communities around ImpactLABS with a unique opportunity to participate in leading the definition, development and deployment practices of IoT

Sponsors & Partners

Our corporate and financial sponsors and industry partners are an integral part of what we do.

Let’s prove the point that we can be profitable and resilient, together.

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