September 12, 2017

Chris Rezendes Participates in Internet Governance Forum Panel


ImpactLABS participated in a panel on the future of the internet and its impact on inclusion, population health, resilience, and other grand challenges. The panel was part of the USA Annual Meeting for the Internet Governance Forum, at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC.

Frontier, at risk, and developing markets often operate a number of margins, not only with respect to financial and political stability, but in terms of population health, water security, and food security, among others.

Disruption without Intention is Noise

Representing ImpactLABS on the panel, Chris Rezendes presented our sponsor, partner, and portfolio company work on pilots and commercial programs in at-risk markets to prove that these communities are eager to learn and ready to deploy for resilience and margin. Rezendes highlighted a core belief driving the work we do at ImpactLABS, that disruption without intention is noise.

The examples Chris presented include:

  1. Groundwater monitoring programs
  2. Private microclimate and nanoclimate monitoring station networks
  3. A number of ‘smart cities’ public safety implementations in middle market cities

Following the Annual Meeting, ImpactLABS plans continued engagement with panelists and other active participants in the session, including, but not limited to:

  1. Bringing Vanu wireless infrastructure into indigenous markets
  2. Collaborating with The New School on how to synthesize new tech with traditional perspectives, priorities, tool and methods
  3. Partnering with Internet Society on kitting and programming for their developing world programs