September 11, 2017

ImpactLABS presents at the American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting

American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting

Above photo: Managing Director Chris Rezendes presents at the American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting.

In late August, ImpactLABS Managing Director Chris Rezendes traveled to Tampa, Florida to attend the American Fisheries Society annual meeting.

Hundreds of researchers, policy makers, fleet operators, technology providers, and regulators attended the meeting, which included workshops, speaking presentations, a trade show, and more.

Representing ImpactLABS, Chris shared some of our early progress with the Greater New Bedford maritime community experimenting with the next generation of digital tools and data governance rules. Most specifically, he shared the progress our networks are making in changing how the fleet and its partners think about data as an operational asset with financial potential, rather than as a compliance asset with enforcement potential.

ImpactLABS will continue to advance its work in Greater New Bedford, migrate versions of this work into other maritime communities, and bring new innovators into New Bedford to pilot and grow commercial programs. ImpactLABS also plans to explore how a new private-sector financed approach could transform the communities’ work in ocean health, coastal resilience, sustainable fisheries, maritime renewable energy, and population health overall.

Chris comments, “There is a far greater understanding of digital than most people would typically equate with the SMB maritime fleet. But, one should not dismiss the fisherman any more than the farmer. Both are part of the original conservation-oriented capitalist movement.”

The meeting was organized by American Fisheries Society and sponsored by: