September 6, 2016

Adrian Grenier: Instrumenting the Physical World Around Us

Guest post by Adrian Grenier for Direct2Dell:

We live in a world more connected than ever. Thanks to social and mobile, I can know where my family and friends are, what they are doing on a given day down to the minute. Yet despite this ever increasing level of connectivity, we know very little about the parts of our world that matter most.

Fresh water is a great example. 99.98 percent of private water well owners and operators have no idea how much ground water they have. Let me pause to let you think about that. They have NO IDEA how much they have of the resource that sustains their business AND OUR WORLD.

Recently, I traveled with Dell and its customer INEX Impact Labs to visit a series of small businesses along the coast of New England. Dell and INEX Labs are implementing sensors and collecting data to help businesses better understand their operations and physical environment.

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