October 10, 2017

ImpactLABS Collaborates with IoT For Good Lab at Babson College

ImpactLABS and Cedar Spring at HubWeek

Above photo: Chris Rezendes of ImpactLABS, Joni Tobacco of CEDARSpring, Liz Wiley of ImpactLABS, Yvette Running Horse Collin and Rachel Tribble of CEDARSpring.

Babson College and its Lewis Institute for Social Innovation have launched a new IoT For Good Lab to encourage the creation of social impact solutions with the use of IoT (Internet of Things). The IoT For Good Lab was created in partnership with Verizon, the Mayor’s Office, Olin College of Engineering, ImpactLABS, MassChallenge, and Continuum.

On Wednesday, October 11, Babson hosted a special HUBweek event at the Babson Boston campus dedicated to idea of using IoT for good, to foster connected, inclusive, and smart cities.

Chris Rezendes, ImpactLABS Managing Director, delivered a TED-style talk on the meaning of resilience as the “killer application” in IoT. He was joined by our partners in the CEDAR Spring Program, Yvette Running Horse Collin and Rachel Tribble, who also delivered a TED-style talk on their work synthesizing IoT-enabling technologies with traditional conservation practices to create more resilience in indigenous communities across North America.

From climate change, to water and food security, to resilient infrastructure, public safety, and population health, the speakers shared their work deploying solutions that are technically stable, operationally relevant, and financially feasible, thus creating value for their primary customers and stakeholders.

Immediately following HubWeek, ImpactLABS will support Babson’s Lewis Center and the IoT for Good Program with a number of collaborations.

At ImpactLABS we believe that now more than ever, the tech sector needs a new narrative. Convenience is only a feature, and productivity and profit gains are only tools.

The answer to the question “Why IoT?” is emerging with stunning clarity in the Greater Boston ecosystem, and that answer is resilience. This HUBWeek IoT for Good event was the clearest clarion call yet.

Read more about IoT for Good and HUBWeek on Babson’s website.