June 10, 2016

LABS in the News at MassTLC Conference

LABS Managing Director Chris Rezendes gave a keynote at the MassTLC Conference in May. Here’s a summary from his talk on the ChenPR blog:

The day started out with a brief keynote by one of IoT’s biggest cheerleaders, Chris Rezendes of INEX Advisors. What I enjoy most about hearing Chris speak is that his enthusiastic presentations aren’t the kind made of high-minded clichés and practiced applause lines, but genuinely rousing updates from a guy who knows IoT is going to change our world and wants you to get on board.Chris R

Chris talks about what’s happening in IoT as of five minutes ago because chances are he just finished working on a new project or wrapped up a call about an exciting development moments before stepping up on the podium.

One point Chris made that stuck with me was that, as much as is happening in IoT right now, there’s far too much “me too” noise.

“IoT rolls off the tongue too easily,” he said, making the point that the acronym has become an easily dismissed buzzword. “But when you get specific, it becomes exciting.”

To punctuate his point, Chris talked about working with a garment manufacturer to help use IoT at the sewing machine level to capture data that will make their processes more efficient. That’s where he says the abundant opportunities are—not in the technology itself, but in understanding how IoT can add value to the things we do every day.

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