February 22, 2017

LABS Participates in Connected City Panel with the Boston Chamber of Commerce

Boston Smart City

On November 29, 2016, LABS Managing Director Chris Rezendes participated in a panel discussion about the current state of smart cities and resilient community development in Boston and beyond.

The panel was organized by the Boston Chamber of Commerce and included Haiwatha Bray of the Boston Globe, Michael Murray of Analog Devices, Mark Bernardo of GE Digital, Chris Rezendes of INEX / Impact LABS, and Kathleen Mitford of PTC.

Chris reports that the panel was refreshingly candid about current efforts, both rewarding and frustrating, around smart cities and resilient community development based on the collective experiences of the panel in developing, piloting, and commercially deploying IoT (Internet of Things).

This discussion aligns with the LABS commitment to successful IoT investment that produces both ROI and impact on resilient communities, sustained innovation, and curtailed inequality.

LABS plans to continue to collaboration with those who were present at the panel to keep Boston in position to lead in the development and deployment of IoT-enabled companies, markets, and systems, both locally and globally.