March 20, 2017

LABS Presents Pilot Results at Securing IoT-enabled Systems

IoT security

In early February, LABS gathered with public and private sector partners applying our approach to piloting next generation IoT-enabled solutions with real-world customer, F5000 and early stage IoT solution developer partners.

LABS presented pilot results with an emphasis on customer perspectives and priorities relating to:
(1) Security
(2) Value propositions for core operations
(3) Next generation cps solutions for IoT
(4) Data governance rules
(5) The emerging role of private data marketplaces

The discussion revolved around the grand challenges of security and trust. According to LABS sponsor Analog Devices, trusted data is an asset. At LABS, we believe that trust is business oxygen for the 21st century.

Identity is not security and security is not trust. They are related and mutually exclusive. Among the keys to our collective success going forward is a concerted effort in both industry and market to dedicate the requisite up front time to learn.