August 15, 2017

Sustainability Leaders visit New Bedford to Explore IoT Enabled Resilience in Water Management

ImpactLABS in New Bedford

ImpactLABS and the Green Infrastructure Foundation partnered to bring together leading thinkers and practitioners in all the key disciplines related to resilience in water management. The two-day event included an ImpactLABS Field Day, and a Green Infrastructure Foundation Charrette Day.

ImpactLABS field day

Touring sites to see examples of IoT in the field.

Experiencing IoT in the Field: Impact LABS Field Day

Participants boarded a coach bus and saw first hand how an intentional approach to IoT can enhance the operational, financial, and social impact of small to mid-sized businesses. The tour visited a number of ImpactLABS-funded pilot sites and joint ImpactLABS-market-funded commercial program sites, including:

At Sylvan Nursery, learning about horticulture businesses that are both profitable and sustainable with creative, instrumented, water reclamation systems.

With 117 sites in MA alone, Trustees of Reservations could be a great partner to explore how the right cost-effective environmental instrumentation can enable more resilience, and maybe new revenue.

Bringing it all together: Green Infrastructure Foundation Charette Day

Participants dove into teams and developed detailed concepts and plans on how each of three unique commercial sites could enhance their water security, infrastructure resilience, operational stability, financial performance, and social impact with a series of design approaches that synthesized a number of green infrastructure tools, methods and models with IoT-enabled monitoring and control solutions.

The output of the event will be a series of conceptual plan options that the owners and operators of the target sites can explore as part of their upcoming investment and operating plan meetings.

Back at LABS, developing concepts and plans for enhancing green infrastructure.

Implementation and Next Steps

Work produced during the charrette will be refined, packaged and distributed. ImpactLABS will initiate preliminary proposals for instrumentation plans, and will share the experience with sponsors, tech partners and portfolio companies. ImpactLABS and Green Infrastructure Foundation will publish results through a number of outlets. All parties involved will share their experiences with their internal groups.

Both ImpactLABS and Green Infrastructure Foundation will continue to work with the site owners and operators, and share progress in our networks.

Bringing Stakeholders together to Create Resilience

This two-day event is exactly one of the reasons we created ImpactLABS: to bring together various stakeholder groups to think deeply about how to create more resilience. We had the honor of working with some of the authentic, expert leaders in a number of fields, including:

The work we accomplished addresses four grand challenges: water security, resilient infrastructure, identity-based smart cities, and food security. We look forward to implementing the ideas generated during this event as part of our mission to accelerate IoT deployment for both profit and resilience.