October 26, 2017

ImpactLABS joined the panel at RI Tech Collective CyberSecurity and IoT Workshop

Providence RI

Above photo: Providence, RI, credit Will Hart

While the opportunities to achieve resilience through an intentional approach to IoT are everywhere, so are the challenges in securing these systems and managing the data exchanges that emerge from them. As these opportunities and challenges are everywhere, so too are the leaders, tools and methods that address challenges and make markets.

We witnessed the latest installment of this emerging reality when ImpactLABS shared a panel with experts from across Massachusetts and Rhode Island at the RI Tech Collective CyberSecurity and IoT Workshop on October 26th.

The event took place in Providence, RI. Attendees discussed:

  1. How the diversity of IoT systems is expanding and fragmenting
  2. How value creation opportunities create demand for myriad data access and exploitation models
  3. How the outcomes of IoT applications are intimate, global, real-time and persistent
  4. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) frameworks for cyber resilience in IoT systems
  5. Markets and industrial partners for new tools and rules of collaboration

Overall, both formal and informal groups in MA and RI are stepping up to these challenges. These groups are keen on identifying and implementing common frameworks first, then expanding their technical and commercial work accordingly.