October 25, 2016

SouthCoast Today: Market must contribute to internet security solutions

How many password-protected internet accounts do you maintain? Email (one for work, one for family, one for private communication, one or more for your online shopping, one for your internet provider), social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Etsy and Twitter, and if you’re a millennial, however many others there are that you keep moving to in order to avoid detection by the stodgy old baby boomers), banking, credit card companies, car loans, mortgages, online retailers, Google, bulletin boards …

Most people have dozens of accounts that require passwords, and most people aren’t that disciplined in how they manage them: The sheer volume necessitates the use of autofill features. The impossibility of uniformity among websites (special character, uppercase/lowercase, numbers, no repeats of last two, three, five or 10 passwords, etc.) necessitates some mode of recording them, either on paper or on a (password-protected) application on your devices.

Add to this the number of devices and accounts in your home that you never think of as password-protected, such as internet routers and CCTV cameras. Suddenly, the vulnerability of our connected society begins to take shape.

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