March 17, 2017

The Power of Data at Sundance and Sorenson Institute Winter Innovation Summit

Sundance, Utah

Chris Rezendes traveled to Utah in late January to represent LABS at a Winter Innovation Summit organized by the Sundance Institute, Sorenson Institute, Sorenson Impact Group, State of Utah, USTAR ( Utah Science Technology and Research ), and Lassonde Center.

The event was created as a moment for the most advanced impact investors who are seeking to deploy more capital to mature the tools, methods, models and networks to enhance progress against project-specific UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Chris Rezendes, managing director at LABS, screened a short documentary video, β€œThe Power of Data,” about the potential impact of groundwater instrumentation at Standing Rock. Chris also delivered a mainstage address at the summit, keynoted an IoT Meetup, and judged the Resilient Communities Challenge funded by IBM and AWS.

The event covered many of the grand challenges LABS seeks to address in its mission, including:

  • Natural resource management/ commerce-friendly conservation
  • Instrumentation-enabled resilient infrastructure
  • Smart cities/ resilient communities
  • Food security

Among all of these challenges, a key focal point was the acceptance of IoT as a force for resilience, and not just the next hyperconcentrated productivity tool.

Chris reports that the community present for the summit is β€œ…among the best fit for LABS communities we have ever met with.”

Future plans include bringing LABS to the pioneering culture of the mountain states, and follow-ups with a handful of potential investment partners and early stage investment opportunities.