September 6, 2016

eWeek: Taking a Tour of How IoT Is Put to Use by Smaller Businesses


Much of the hype around the fast-growing internet of things (IoT) has centered around the tens of billions of devices, sensors and systems that make it up, the massive amounts of data they’re generating and the different ways that they will help enterprises better run their businesses. But in New Bedford, Mass., Chris Rezendes and the other people at INEX Advisors’ IoT Impact Labs are working to show the significant impact the IoT and the data it creates can have on small and midsize businesses (SMBs), from oyster farms and wineries to nurseries and breweries. The organization, which launched a year ago, works with tech startups developing IoT devices and pairs them with smaller businesses in Southeastern New England to help them improve their operations and use them as proof points for other groups around the world. Through instrumentation and the data that’s created, SMBs can become more efficient and profitable. For example, farmers can get a more accurate reading on everything from air temperature and soil moisture to rainfall and wind speed, all of which will enable them to better run their businesses. Rezendes and others recently gave journalists and analysts a tour of some of the sites where they are running pilot tests.

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