September 19, 2016

USA Today: Small businesses will be big winners from IoT


NEW BEDFORD, Mass.— When it comes to a lot of the latest technologies, it’s easy to presume that they’re really only relevant for bigger companies in more advanced industries.

That’s certainly been the case for the Internet of Things, or IoT, especially for business applications. Most of the attention has been given to big smart cities projects or advanced manufacturing advancements that are really only relevant for a tiny part of the business population.

Recently, however, I’ve seen a number of intriguing examples of IoT projects being focused on tiny businesses in old traditional industries, such as fishing, winemaking, plant nurseries and more. Specifically, I, along with other tech industry press and analysts, got to spend some time in the old whaling town of New Bedford, MA. There we met with some folks from Dell and Inex Advisors, a New Bedford company that’s doing some great work with other small businesses in the area to put IoT concepts into practice.

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