October 20, 2017

ImpactLABS to explore opportunities in working with V1 Engineering

V1 Engineering

Above photo: V1 Engineering Team credit, V1 Engineering

The devices that make IoT possible need to be considered ‘persistent’ sockets. We have written about this at ImpactLABS and INEX Advisors for years. When one is using IoT devices and systems for natural resources, infrastructure or industrial and related markets, the instrumentation needs to survive for years, if not decades. TCO (total cost of ownership) can supersede ROI if such instrumentation is not resilient. V1 Engineering is a company that is going to help more companies resolve this issue.

If you have not heard of Melinda Sims, you will soon. Not only because she is the latest member to serve on the ImpactLABS Advisory Board, but because she has launched V1 Engineering along with Mike Hale, which is her third company in 5 years. This company is likely to spawn or enable dozens of others. V1 has two locations: Fishkill, NY and Lakeland, FL. The company exhibits authentic talent and grace, and is a one-stop shop for innovators who need to collaborate with a team that has deep technical skills, early and growth stage operations experience and the emotional intelligence to listen to customers. Note: nobody at ImpactLABS has financial interest with V1, we are simply “hardcore fans”.

ImpactLABS receives inquiry from early and growth stage companies almost daily. Some of it is beyond our scope, though much of it is in V1 Engineering’s wheelhouse. V1 Engineering is often positioned to help their clients go even further. Therefore, they could potentially partner their clients with ImpactLABS and we could help get their solutions in the field.

We are looking forward to having Melinda Sims on the ImpactLABS Advisory Board, and exploring the ways in which we can work with V1.