December 21, 2017

Venture Smarter, Mastercard, ImpactLABS and others set smart city goals in NYC

Venture Smarter Smart Cities

Above photo courtesy of Venture Smarter.

More than 100 people attended Venture Smarter’s Smart Cities Summit in New York City on December 12, to discuss smart city development goals in NYC and beyond. ImpactLABS provided agenda and content support to the Venture Smarter team for this event.

The event was organized by the Venture Smarter Network, who is bringing together key stakeholders in making smarter cities and resilient communities happen for tier 1, 2, and 3 markets across the US. The Venture Smarter team is made up of co-Founders Zack Huhn and Mitch Kominsky, along with Rhonda Binda and Jamie Sordo. They are hitting stride after stride with relevant gatherings of technical, commercial, financial, policy, and resilience experts from across North America, and increasingly, the world.

Chris Rezendes offered opening remarks, highlighting ImpactLABS’ work in:

  1. Climate, environment, natural resources instrumentation and impact/ status documentation from IoT sensor networks
  2. Various public, private and P3 approaches to resilient cyberphysical infrastructure through IoT enabled sensor networks, analytics, ML, and AI
  3. ImpactLABS’ identity-based approach to smarter cities/ resilient communities and risk-based approach to now-term opportunities

Cities — all sizes, all geographies — continue to account for greater shares of global population, energy consumption, air quality impact, water/ wastewater security and more. Supporting groups such as Venture Smarter — IoTC, IIC, and others — puts ImpactLABS in position to learn more about core stakeholders critical requirements.

From the ground up.

Exactly how we like it.

Key Takeaways about Smart Cities

Seven key takeaways were derived from the event, as detailed in a post from Venture Smarter’s website:

  • Smart Cities are about people, not about technology.
  • New solutions must alleviate, not burden already strained municipal budgets.
  • Technology and planning standards must be in place to ensure interoperability.
  • Solutions must promote equity and accessibility
  • Connectivity, Mobility, Security, Sustainability shined as top choices for “smart city planning pillars”
  • Project financing, public-private-partnerships, and creative revenue models must be leveraged
  • Collaboration will drive smart city success stories – and those collaborations must reach beyond municipal boundaries

Among the most exciting next steps is the formation of the IEEE P-2784 Global Committee on Technical, Process and Policy Standards in Smart City Data Security, Interoperability and Management.

ImpactLABS is thrilled to be collaborating with Venture Smarter and looks forward to supporting the team and their networks, including IEEE P-2784 working group.