October 6, 2017

Reframing the IoT Narrative with the World Economic Forum 5-Pillar Task Team

World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum (WEF) IoT4D Program is working to re-frame the narrative of IoT and create the kind of consistency in education, training, investment and ecosystem opportunities that would be effective among rural and frontier markets as much as urban and advanced.

To attack this challenge, WEF brought together a few dozen people to form a 5-Pillar Task Team at MIT Media Lab with complementary skills and experiences, and a shared sense of what is possible.

ImpactLABS led a working group on strategies for IoT deployments that produce operational, financial, and social impact. These discussions were seeded with ImpactLABS’ pilots and commercial programs that WEF analyzed for their ability to produce operational, financial and social impact utilizing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals framework.

During the event, virtually all of the major global grand challenges were elevated and analyzed for the potential of IoT to produce or enable meaningful, repeatable, scalable, profitable impact. These challenges included population health, inequality, climate, food security, and economic development.

WEF will continue to hone the vision, tactics and plan for making the outputs of this team real for a number of identified stakeholders.